Snap these Insta-friendly backdrops on your next trip to #McMinnvilleOR

Sometimes you just want the perfect picture for your Instagram feed so you can spend the rest of your time just living your best life. Check out these sweet backdrops in Oregon’s coolest historic small town Main Street for an easy photo op. Then you can get back to doing what you do best: Actual travel.

1. The Secret Room at the Atticus Hotel

Where: Off of the lobby, to the left.
Why: It is impossible not to feel like your most glamorous self in this place.
How: Wear your best clothes to fit in with the darkly nostalgic hidden parlor.

2. Love Where You Live mural by Zachary Hixon and Mitchell Charles

Where: On the side of La Bella Casa home goods store on Davis Street and 3rd
Why: You’re a local here, whether you’ve lived here forever or just a weekend.
How: Don’t get hit by a car! Watch for traffic as you back up to get the perfect shot. Or: Selfie with the tiny, in-sign landscape by Zachary Hixson.

3. McMinnville Lady mural by Ashley Hope

Where: Right behind The Oak on Cowls Street
Why: This larger-than-life lady knows how to do McMinnville best: With a drizzle-friendly attitude and a bouquet of flowers.
How: You’ll have to get this one at an angle from Evans Street sidewalk.

4. Associated Gasoline Sign

Where: At the Barberry Restaurant
Why: With its old-timey appeal and its strong, contrasting color, graphic style, this makes every person look and feel cooler than they are.
How: Really get a streetside table for drinks and ask your server. Everyone does it.

5. Thistle Cocktail Bar

Where: In one of wine country’s most lauded farm-to-table restaurants
Why: Two words: Tufted couches.
How: First invite mixologist Patrick to make you his favorite cocktail that day and then set up your shoot in your own rustic glamour lounge.

6. Marquis Moment

Where: You, under the classic Mack theater sign.
Why: Because now you know that everyone calls this place Mac and you’re ready for a Marquis moment.
How: Stand near the Mes Amies store sign and you’ll have the same shot that’s been featured in many a national magazine.

7. All about the Benjamin (Franklin, that is)

Where: In the US Bank plaza.
Why: Apart from being your patriotic duty, it’s a swell sculpture and you can insert your favorite Franklin quote in the caption. Here’s a good one: “Well done is better than well said.”
How: Any angle will do. This is America, after all.


Published by Emily Grosvenor

Writer and spatial consultant.

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