Whatever your relationship status, wine country has the perfect place to celebrate

Valentine’s Day—it’s really just a chance to spend time with those you love. Whatever your romantic status, a day trip to the heart of Oregon wine country has all the right settings for romance, bromance, or a Galentine’s Day outing. … Read more at Visit McMinnville.

12 Days of McMinnville Christmas Holiday Song

This year, for our annual holiday gift guide, the Tiny Travelers are showcasing the best gifts from local stores and producers to send to all of the far-flung friends and family you haven’t been able to visit during the past year. On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me…  Read thisContinue reading “12 Days of McMinnville Christmas Holiday Song”

This tiny soap store is heaven scent

Wash your hands, yes. But with so many hand-washings every day, and travel difficult, let me propose something different: Soap Travel. Think I’m nuts? There’s a little store in Carlton with a big social media presence behind it that makes it happen, and it might just be your new favorite scent shop. It’s called Rough CutContinue reading “This tiny soap store is heaven scent”

Tots in tow? Wine tasting with kids becoming a thing

The wines at Knudsen Vineyards were divine, the views resplendent with the bright light and rich colors of a late splash of Oregon Autumn, the guidance through our flight of estate Pinot noir convivial and charming. I can tell you these things even though my husband and I were joined at a table with two boys, eightContinue reading “Tots in tow? Wine tasting with kids becoming a thing”

This new hike at Durant Olive Mill should be on your #lifegoals

Maybe you just like a nice walk in the landscape of one of the world’s most storied wine-producing eco-climates, but me, I am a person who is always looking for the exact replica of my traveler’s imagination, a place so close to perfection it hits all of my Oregon buttons: valley vistas, fern-swathed gullies, sun-toastedContinue reading “This new hike at Durant Olive Mill should be on your #lifegoals”

Local Field Trips for Distance Learners

You can only stay cooped up so long with your classroom of distance learners before it’s time for a breakout session. I’m talking about a trip out into the community where you can pair your children’s online learning with some real, hands-on education at a place not so far from home. Field trips have soContinue reading “Local Field Trips for Distance Learners”

Dine (Out)Side is the best pan(damn)ic thing to happen to McMinnville

If you’ve never been to Third Street in McMinnville, you might not know that walking it has always been like floating through a love gauntlet. It’s a gustatory amble. A walk of food-filled ardor. A passion-fed promenade where you can let everything else fall away and be right here, now. You can feel it comingContinue reading “Dine (Out)Side is the best pan(damn)ic thing to happen to McMinnville”

Park your patchwork at these exceptional picnic spots in and around McMinnville

Every spring, I break out my all-time favorite picnic cookbook, The Picnic: Recipes and Inspiration from Basket to Blanket, and I do it up in style: Tiny foods. Finger-sized bites. Flavorful tidbits.  Picnics are the tiny traveler’s dream since they represent everything good about the tiny traveling lifestyle: Easy moments drawn out for maximum momentous pleasure.Continue reading “Park your patchwork at these exceptional picnic spots in and around McMinnville”

Local Baked Goods for Pickup or Delivery in McMinnville RIGHT NOW

Comfort me with cinnamon rolls. Or brownies. Or maybe just one great, single loaf. In an age when so many restaurants and food purveyors have had to close shop temporarily, McMinnville’s artisan bakeries are still at it, finding ways to get you some creature comforts in tough times.  FLOUR & FERN, Mac Market McMinnville’s newestContinue reading “Local Baked Goods for Pickup or Delivery in McMinnville RIGHT NOW”

Travel By Foot to McMinnville’s Newest Public Art Sculpture

I’ve never been much for a meander. I prefer a walk with purpose. But the purpose of most of our family walks these days has more to do with preserving our sanity than anything else. Lately, instead of our regular basic loop through the same old neighborhoods, we’ve been walking to visit the new publicContinue reading “Travel By Foot to McMinnville’s Newest Public Art Sculpture”