Dine (Out)Side is the best pan(damn)ic thing to happen to McMinnville

If you’ve never been to Third Street in McMinnville, you might not know that walking it has always been like floating through a love gauntlet. It’s a gustatory amble. A walk of food-filled ardor. A passion-fed promenade where you can let everything else fall away and be right here, now.

You can feel it coming at you from all sides: The particular pleasures of slow, wine country living, and the gentle affection of people making food in a place Bon Appetit once called 2nd Foodiest Small Town in America

Now McMinnville is engaged in a battle testing whether this town, or any town conceived and dedicated to the proposition that food equals love, can long endure. Forgive me, Abraham Lincoln, but if you love McMinnville as the Tiny Travelers do, it’s impossible not to understand that the very heart of this place is at stake right now.

Read this story in its entirety at Visit McMinnville.

Published by Emily Grosvenor

Writer and spatial consultant.

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